Welcome Talk

Andrew Radford

Empowering carers
Janet Treasure

How carers avoid burnout and thrive: wisdom and hope from the front line

Eva Musby

Breakout 1: How to support a child to eat at home

Eva Musby

Breakout 2: Transitions from CAMHS to adult eating disorder services from the perspective

of young people, their parents and professionals  

Nicola Brewin, Jackie Wales, and Karima Susi

Breakout 3: Supporting an adult with an eating disorder

Abigail Cardwell

Do we need to think about co-dependency?

Veronica Kamerling

Common comorbidities: Autism; OCD; Borderline Personality Disorder

Andrea Brown


Clinicians, carers and patients working together

Calum Munro

Preventing relapse

Abigail Cardwell

Breakout 1: Supporting someone with anorexia nervosa

Calum Munro and Sara Preston

Breakout 2: Supporting someone with bulimia nervosa

Caroline Salter

Breakout 3: Supporting someone with binge eating disorder

Kate Williams

How Beat can help you?

Andrew Radford and Caroline Price

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